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This is me

I have had art in my genes, yet I wandered into artistic territory quite on my own.
On the career path, I have traveled for the quarter of a decade, as a graphic artist and animator.
In tandem, I have traveled zealously and
captured the sights and souls of the alluring world panning out in varied directions.
But it is perhaps the architectural jungle that has lured me the most.
With an eager eye I have captured the confluence of lines, lives and lighting, to make stones and textures sing .
I believe History shapes our future and the way we live today, so most of my paintings relive old glories which are an
Amalgamation of Science and Art.
A reminder on the wall which brings nostalgic and proud moments of joy and happiness.
In spite of dexterous lines at play, the finished paintings shimmer with a subtle underlying sheen of spirituality
which tends to ennoble the walls they adorn . Beauty in Art I believe is the realization of God.
A silent gratitude to the creator for giving me the eye to see it.


I bring

visions to life

Photo of the artist

Services & sales

I have exhibited only in moody and sporadic bursts, but have a good spread of collectors already in many countries.

I am open to commissioned work if the theme and subject appeal to my taste and talent.

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